'his horniness' rises again

The legal profession descended into farce once again over the issue of women in court as NSW Supreme Court judge Peter Young, the chief judge in equity, railed against 'unwelcome' displays of female flesh while owning up to oggling the boobs of large-breasted barristers, foreshadowing an avalanche of appeal of his judgements.

In an article entitled 'Dressing-down for female lawyers as judge bares his views', published in the Sydney Morning Herald on March 23, 2006, legal reporter Michael Pelly notes that Justice Young, in a column headed 'Politeness' in the Australian Law Journal, suggests that "[t]he worst offenders are usually well-built women who expose at least the upper halves of their breasts, and as they lean forward to make a point to a judge sitting at a high level they present a most unwelcome display of bare flesh".

If Justice Young is so distracted by women of his profession appearing before him with the prevailing dress code amongst women for their duties then female applicants, defendants and witnesses who also adopt prevailing standards of dress amongst women, have absolutely no chance of receiving a fair hearing from 'his horniness' to the extent that he should be immediately disbarred from any jurisdiction involving women.

Justice Young brings into stark reality the need for a jurisdiction to protect women from a male judiciary in Taliban mode enforcing behavioural standards on women to control their own lewd and lascivious predilections.

This is a judge more interested in the size of a woman's breasts than the merit of her application, argument or evidence.

Justice Young's concern about the decorum of his court exposes the absurdity of the delivery of justice in the absence of a women's jurisdiction.

March 30, 2006