An evil Coalition

The Australian Constitution has delivered the nation a Coalition of such despicable persuasion there can be no question of it's demise.

This Coalition of child torturers who gaol children, of fascist racists who remove democratic indigenous representation, of feudalists who mandate unfair dismissal, of pathological liars who cheat their way into Office, of economy imbeciles who bully single mothers and sick people to fill the coffers of the rich, of war profiteers who commit Australians to allegedly unlawful and hopelessly misconceived warfare, must go.

Short of deregistering the Liberal and National parties comprising this evil Coalition and prosecuting its parliamentary representatives for crimes against humanity, constitutional reform to ensure Australia will never again be governed by filth of the kind currently in government would appear an urgent priority for the nation.

So how did Australia descend into this abyss?

Conservatives of the Coalition kind emerge during times of radical social change, grasping at straws for past prejudices to maintain a status quo while sane, progressive, socially responsible citizens get on with the business of coming to terms with change.

The more radical the change the more extreme the conservative panic.

Women's liberation, albeit as yet unresolved in the constitutional arena, is overwhelmingly the most radical social change the nation, and indeed the world, has experienced over the past century.

Opposition to the muck thrown up by Australia's evil Coalition has been slow to emerge given the radical nature of social change accompanying women's liberation.

The appropriate response is a republic comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction.

Maintaining a balance of power between women and men thwarts the ambitions of psychopathic conservatives, an ancient lesson the modern world will need to re-learn.