Constitution fails on same-sex marriage

The propensity for men to seek to control women under the terms of the encumbent Australian Constitution has been revealed with Federal Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock's personal intervention to prevent the ACT Government from recognising same-sex marriages.

Mr Ruddock is obliged, in the absence of the recognition of a women's legislature and a women's jurisdiction at law, to interpret women's minds in marriage, an exercise fraught with incomprehension.

Yet logic would compel, given the pre-eminence of the family at law, that marriage between women is exclusively the province of a women's jurisdiction.

Same-sex marriage is a knockout blow to a misogynist Constitution and a revelation of the methodology with which men of adolescent minds have sought to control women.

Confronted with the inadequacy of the Constitution, Mr Ruddock's only option is to exercise, on behalf of all Australians, contempt for equity with women.

Moreover, the authority with which Mr Ruddock claims Office is unquestionably inequitable and indisputably an unmitigated fraud.

June 15, 2006