a people's republic

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The Constitution of Australia makes no provision for women to govern because they didn't when it was written.

At Federation, men exercised an inalienable right to make decisions about their own lives without fear of interruption or intimidation in two men's legislatures, a House of Representative and a Senate, and a solitary men's jurisdiction at law.

Succumbing to the weight of public pressure, men eventually invited women to participate, however, men have always refused women the same rights they observed for themselves, instead incorporating women as proxy males in their legislatures and legal jurisdiction.

As a consequence, and despite the efforts of some of the most talented women the nation has produced, Australia remains little more than a misguided male meritocracy in blatant discrimination of women.

Only with constitutional reform providing for a republic governed by women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied courts of women's and men's jurisdiction can the nation ever be considered a people's democracy.

25 July, 2007