backsliding into facism

As the empowerment of women ushers in an age of everlasting world peace and community prosperity, the adolescent minded male insurgents occupying government in Australia backslide belatedly into facism, described eloquently in the Sydney Morning Herald by correspondent Emil H. Witton of Chatswood:

"Why am I reminded constantly of 1933-35 when I, a Jew, lived in Germany before escaping to Australia as a refugee from Hitler in 1939? In a fair and free election Hitler was legally elected to parliament with a workable majority. He used this majority to enact laws which later enabled him to persecute certain minorities. He legally changed labour laws, which overturned old established standards. He legally revoked privacy laws, which eventually did away with free speech. Why am I afraid?"

The product of a Constitution enacted by men who considered women of insufficient intelligence to participate in politics, facism in Australia is fuelled by the dunces of government; impotent, incompetent schoolyard bullies incapable of resolving issues without persecution, fear or threat.

The neocon knee-jerk reaction to global events provokes, inflames, infuriates and, as with the destabalisation of the Middle East, inevitably makes matters worse.

With the prospect of a republic comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction, Australians can remove this no-brainer scourge and safeguard the nation from facism in perpetuity.

December 8, 2005