Bill of Rights

A Bill of Rights would be wonderful, but on it's own, hypocritical. A Bill of Rights which includes women's rights would be ideal, but that can't happen until the Constitution is reformed to provide for a women's legislature. Right now Australia's Constitution enables men's rights only, because the men who enacted the Constitution prohibited women from voting on its enactment. Men can't enact women's rights without women's consent, because the rights they enact without consent concerning women are rights which concern themselves, not women. The only laws which can be enacted under the Constitution in its present form are men's laws. Women can consent to a Bill of Rights attached to the Constitution at a referendum, but the consent they give is consent men allow them to give, not consent women allow themselves to give. There is no women's law, and there are no women's rights without a women's legislature to enact law, there is only men's law and what men allow. A call for a Bill of Rights without a women's legislature undermines all the efforts men have made since the Constitution was enacted to achieve equal rights for women.

23 June, 2011