bureaucratic corruption

Since, in the absence of women's and men's jurisdictions, Australian Courts are little more than places of privilege for the antithesis of social justice, complaints against the massive corruption fomented and festering in Prime Minister Johns Howard's administration are more appropriately in the process of documentation rather than prosecution.

Australian public servants routinely imperil the lives of the nation's citizens in blatant violation of duties of care, crimes impossible to bring to account in a bureaucracy in which self-serving bullies and the belligerent prevail over reason and what passes for common sense.

This situation will change dramatically when the women's movement overcomes the current neo-con backlash to the gains women have made.

Women's rights will be reinforced with women's legislatures and a women's jurisdiction at law such that both the Parliament and the Courts will become bastions of social justice.

In the absence of women's and men's legislatures the encumbent Australian Constitution will be considered a fraud with protections parliamentarians and public servants currently receive removed.

Howard, Australia's most notorious serial paedophile, will become personally liable through the Courts for the torture of thousands of children behind razor wire in immigation prisons such that a reasonable case may be made for the return of any profit he has made from the Offices he has held.

Similarly, public servants will become accountable for their documented activities, from the denial of natural justice to the issuing of death threats and attempted murder.

Given the extent of corruption in Howard's bureaucracy, there may have to be, in concert with the formulation of an Australian republic, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission similar to the South African model to deal with bureaucratic corruption, in authentic courts of social justice.

Many public servants may be required to return profits received from government office, including superannuation, personal wealth and other entitlements, once their protection from the encumbent Consititution is removed.

Social justice will eventually prevail since there is nothing more inevitable than that the women's movement will overcome the neo-con revival such that social justice, delivered with laws enacted by women's and men's legislatures interpreted in courts of women's and men's jurisdictions, will prevail.

October 12, 2006