case mounts on paedophile PM

Australian Prime Minister John Howard was made aware of horrific cases of indigenous child abuse at a Family Violence Summit he convened in 2003 and did nothing to assist the nation's most vulnerable citizens, proof absolute of the personal responsibility he bears over the paedophile imprint of his administration.

Interveiwed on ABC Local Radio AM, Alison Anderson, a former ATSIC Commissioner and now member of Northern Territory Parliament, who took part in the summit with 15 other Indigenous leaders from around the country, explained that "people put in a lot of effort and time to tell the Prime Minister of Australia that these shocking things were happening to Indigenous children" ... "four-month-old babies being raped, seven-year-old children presenting to clinics with STIs".

Remote community resident Kerry Shegog described the deprivation to which Howard has condemned indigenous families, in a letter to The Australian.

"Take at least 10 people from your extended family - children, the frail elderly, relations with addictions or mental health problems - and then imagine them living with you and your family in a small, three-bedroom house. Imagine that maybe only one, or two, if you are extremely lucky, has some sort of part-time paid work. Imagine that there is no cinema, no restaurant, no shopping centre - no form of family entertainment to allow you to get out of your crowded house. It is 150km of dangerous, car-destroying dirt road to the sealed road and another 300km to a town with such facilities. Fuel costs $1.70 per litre."

"Imagine this for a year, two years, for your lifetime. Imagine the impact on your children: how can they do any school homework, get a good night's sleep or get your undivided attention, even for a moment? How would you personally cope with the noise, the mess, the unending chaos of such a household?"

Howard's deliberate neglect of indigenous children follows on from his administration's policy of torturing thousands of children of asylum seekers behind razor wire in immigation prisons, overturned by an internal party revolt then revived in contempt of his colleagues with the provision of Pacific Island prisons, stamping him indelibly as a child torturer with a portfolio of cases to answer.

The imminent retirement of this alleged paedophile will mark the commencement of due process by which he will be brought to account with the prospect of the loss of any rewards and entitlements achieved in office.

Howard's demise will also present Australians with the opportunity to remove the shadow his administration has cast over the nation with the prospect of a republic comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction.

May 28, 2006