Sydney Morning Herald guest columnist Ian Freeman claims "Australia has had equal franchise since Federation", wrong.

Women can be removed from all federal and State electoral rolls and women members, including the Prime Minister and three of six State Premiers, evicted from all federal and State parliaments simply with majorities rescinding, or suspending as was the case with the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 during the Intervention which hardly anyone thought would ever happen, legislation which enfranchised women in the first place.

Men cannot be removed in the same way, or by original intent at all.

Because women and men are not the same and never will be the only way Australians will ever have equal franchise is with governance conducted by agreement between women's and men's legislatures, courts and corporate committees.

Once women and men achieve equality, all demographics comprised of women and men, including race, religion and socioeconomic status, achieve equality.

27 January, 2011