historians who don't know history

A summit of eminent Australian historians who should know better has backed the Howard government's plan to force three State governments to replace postmodern subjects with a traditional history course or lose billions in school funding.

The postmodern approach, defined in Wikipedia as "conducive to, and strongly associated with the feminist movement", emerged with women's liberation as appropriate to women's learning and intellect.

The government's political intervention is blatant discrimination against female students as the lack of availability of the traditional approach has been blatant discrimination against male students.

In the absence of the provision of government comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction the Australian Constitution is incapable of providing an impartial curriculum of education for the nation.

Moreover, that Australia's most prominent historians are unable to draw a connection between either postmodernism and women's liberation or women's and men's rights and the Constitution, gives an idea of the paucity of intellect prevailing in the nation's education institutions.

What passes for elite social and political science in Australia would appear to be little more than misogynist muck perpetrated by eminent imbeciles under the terms of an inadequate Constitution.

August 24, 2006