honorary male appointed to High Court

The recent appointment of Justice Susan Crennan to the High Court of Australia is the second occasion on which an honorary male has taken a seat on the nation's most prestigious court following the appointment of Justice Mary Gaudron, since retired.

An honorary male, Harriet Miers, has also been nominated by President George Bush to the equivalent Supreme Court of the United States of America.

There has never been a women's jurisdiction at Common and Statute law over which these courts preside despite the fact that women and men think differently and the laws of these nations are allegedly based on reason rather than prejudice or superstition.

There has only ever been a men's jurisdiction progressively admitting women as honorary males over the past century.

To achieve the status of honorary male before the law, Susan Crennan and Harriet Miers have undergone a long process of initiation and indoctrination to convince male sexist pigs they think like intellectually adolescent men afraid to cede power over women to women.

Had either at any stage questioned the absence of a women's jurisdiction she would have been disbarred and disallowed to practice law as intellectually incompetent, such is the ruthless sexism undermining the farce currently passing for the practice of Common and Statute law, a farce designed to select women who subjugate themselves before men rather than women intellectually capable in their own right.

The absence of a women's jurisdiction renders Common and Civil law indisputably unjust, unreasonable and irrelevant to the safe delivery of justice for both women and men.

October 13, 2005