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Dispossessed of the right to govern with their own legislatures and jurisdiction at law men granted themselves at Federation, Australian women have always struggled against the paternalism and misogyny that haunts the nation's corridors of power.

The rank stupidity of the men who have refused, and continue to refuse women the right to legitimate governance is manifest in the realisation that the nation has forever been governed by fools.

As freelance writer Rebecca Weisser suggests, "Australian political culture has been ambivalent about women's rights".

"It is perhaps the biggest disconnect between our egalitarian self-image of a fair go for all and a more discriminatory reality."

Repositories of adolescent-minded men incapable of achieving equality with women, and the courageous, apirational women they filter to remain in their presence, the nation's parliaments and courts drift like flotsam on the tide of global male stupidity, realising barely a fraction of their potential.

A vote for a male candidate to the Parliament of Australia is a vote for an imbecile.

In the absence of constitutional reform providing for a republic governed by women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdication, Australians will have difficulty outperforming a lame duck

16 August, 2007