incompetent at law

Dear Prime Minister,

I am in receipt of correspondence from Attorney-General Philip Ruddock dated 3 July, 2007 in response to my concern over the "inability of Australia's High Court to consider women's rights" absent the recognition of a women's jurisdiction.

Mr Ruddock claims that the "essential criterion for appointment as a judge or magistrate of a Federal court is, and will continue to be, merit", yet the principal merit applicable to candidates offered a solitary male jurisdiction over which to preside is a capacity for sexism and discrimination inappropriate to the delivery of justice.

Moreover, in correspondence dated 23 May, 2007, in response to my concern that in "the absence of a guarantee of gender equality the Australian Constitution is both immoral and illegal in the governance of the nation", Mr Ruddock claims that "the Constitution establishes a national system of Government which, in fact, involves women at every level".

Mr Ruddock appears unaware that in the absence of a women's legislature and absent the recognition of a women's jurisdiction women are included exclusively as proxy males in men's legislatures and in the delivery of justice in a solitary men's jurisdiction, not as women in their own right determining their own fate.

Clearly, Mr Ruddock is incompetent at law.

Can you please remove Mr Ruddock and appoint an Attorney-General with some familiarity with Common and Statute law.

Failing this, I will accept your resignation and convene a Constitutional Commission to act as an interim government pending reform to provide for a republic governed by women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction.

Your immediate response is required.

18 July, 2007