men with adolescent minds

It takes men with adolescent minds to boss over women and this is precisely the conundrum the modern world must overcome to achieve world peace.

Men with adolescent minds currently rule every modern nation, allowing women into corridors of power only on condition they convince their male colleagues they think like men and agree to interminable intimidation and interruption.

There is no united women's voice, no women's legislature, no women's jurisdiction at law, only the intermittent voices of individual women under constant and irrepressible intervention from men.

There are two versions of the adolescent male mind: the original which considers women have inferior minds to men, the ideology of orthodox religion; and the modern generated in response to women's liberation which considers women's minds to be exactly the same as men's.

Democracies controlled by men with adolescent minds are riddled with corruption, governing exclusively on behalf of individuals in pursuit of short term profit and personal gain at the expense of the national interest, as with the collapsing neocon Coalition of the Willing.

The outcome is a world of entrenched destabalisation, of global violence, social inequality, environmental degradation and an absence of basic human rights.

Institutionalised in the absence of women's and men's legislatures and jurisdictions at law, the solution to the problems created by the governance of men with adolescent minds could not be more straight forward.

All that is required to achieve everlasting world peace and prosperity is government comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction.

November 24, 2005