personal wealth

Research carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research predicts women will own 60 per cent of Britain's personal wealth by 2025 "with many using their professional and personal skills to extraordinary financial effect", reports the London Telegraph.

The ownership of personal wealth at Common and Statute law is regulated by mixed-up women's and men's legislatures in which men incessantly interrupt women's decision-making.

Moreover, disputes over the ownership of women's personal wealth are resolved in a single women's and men's jurisdiction in which men may adjudicate women's business without referral to women's arbitration.

Women's personal wealth is held at the discretion of men.

Women can achieve authentic ownership of their personal wealth with women's legislatures and a women's jurisdiction at law.

Similarly, men can achieve authentic ownership of men's personal wealth with men's legislatures and a men's jurisdiction at law.

By synchronising the ownership of personal wealth with community decision-making wealth becomes a community asset rather than exclusively the outcome of personal gain.