power and control

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"Many people believe that rape is a sexual act. Although rape involves sexual acts, it is motivated by the desire for power and control over another person rather than by sexual attraction or the desire for sexual gratification. In other words, rape is a crime of violence."

Rape works when women and men boss over each other, to control the other.

Same-sex rape is practice.

The Constitution of Australia mandates rape from the doctrine espoused at its enactment, since unamended through referendum, that men boss over women.

Rape doesn't work when women and men are their own bosses, it doesn't happen.

A potential male offender will achieve nothing by seeking power and control over a woman who is not answerable to men.

This is evidenced by mythology from the women's and men's business of Australian indigenous tradition.

A Constitution with provision for the enactment of law by agreement between a women's legislature and a men's legislature, eliminates rape.

03 April, 2009