Pretending to be a man

Corporate management in denial of difference between women and men is burying centuries of female potential according to Allison Pearson writing in The Guardian.

In "a world where the price of success is still to act like a man", women are storming the professions "only to drop out in their 30s when they can't face pretending to be a man for one day longer".

"It is an act you can pull off as well as any bloke until you bring a new life into the world."

"The struggle to honour that precious responsibility, to keep pleasing your boss, filling the fridge and making sure the eight-year-old has a Dumbledore costume for World Book Week, well, that's what they call 'having it all'. "

Corporate management comprising interactive women's and men's committees removes the need for women to pretend to be men.

The surest way to realise women's potential is to empower women.