puerile PM at odds with women's rights

In a speech to a Quadrant magazine forum Australian Prime Minister John Howard has promised more of the same from his Administration after deriding social justice, Aboriginal rights and critics of the destabalisation of the Middle East.

Claiming to be "part of a global campaign for the very ideals that some people wistfully dreamed were unchallengeable after the Cold War", Howard remains blissfully unaware of the revolution in women's rights empowering global change, dismissing women's approach to the study of history as a "fragmented stew of themes and issues".

Howard holds office under the terms of a fraudulent Constitution of insufficient intellectual content to distinguish between women and men, that provides the oversight of a lame duck executive.

Laws passed by Howard's bogus Parliament are prosecuted in courts without women's and men's jurisdictions where privilege prevails over human rights.

The outcome is an Administration rotten to the core with corruption and incompetence, Immigration, Trade, Centrelink, the Defence Forces, the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the government's advisors on indigenous communities, all outstanding examples, accompanied by abysmal dispute resolution skills affording fertile ground for bullies and belligerence.

As the response to Howard's palpable lack of intellectual acumen and aggressive denial of women's rights gathers momentum, the prospect of a Constitution providing government comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdictions draws ever closer.

October 05, 2006