ship of fools

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As the APEC Forum sails into Sydney the extent of the massive mismanagement of half the world's population becomes clear.

Eighteen male leaders accompanied by three courageous women who have survived rigorous male selection to achieve leadership in male company are gathering to wallow in the trough of male privilege.

Not a single one of the twenty-one nations represented grants women the same rights as men.

Not one has a women's legislature accompanying the men's legislature which rules the nation.

Not one recognises a women's jurisdiction at law accompanying the men's jurisdiction the male inhabitants granted themselves.

This scrapheap of male indulgence, succoured by brain-dead bureaucracies and soiled by discrimination, is exactly what the world can do without.

The sooner these nations reform their governments to provide for women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction, the sooner responsible economic management will be rescued from this ship of fools.

30 August, 2007