Half the population of Australia, women, is subservient to the other half, men, and the brains trusts that run the nation see no problem.

Not so much as a squeak from the think tanks, the social justice watchdogs, the human rights advocates, the left, the right or the centre.

Total silence on insidious sexist discrimination denying the nation a future of equality, peace and sustainable prosperity.

Former Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, for instance, claimed that "the Constitution establishes a system of national government which, in fact, involves women at every level", a view that reverberates with a deafening lack of dissent.

Absent their own legislature and jurisdiction at law, women govern entirely under male supervision.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saw no problem with convening a Steering Committee for a 2020 Summit on the nation's future comprising nine men and one woman before scampering to appoint a majority of female delegates thereafter, consistent with the nation's population, under an avalanche of public protest.

The Australian intelligentsia is totally out of touch with the people whatever its political persuasion.

Awash with wealth and privilege squandered on obsolete law and order infrastructure, perpetuating rather than resolving social and sexual violence, economic uncertainty and inequality, the most intelligent minds the nation can allegedly produce are little more than a bunch of sad and sorry slavemakers.

While families struggle to keep their homes under monetary policies of permanent instability, governments dole out billions to prop up regimes of rank stupidity that foster crime, endemic insecurity and social injustice.

The contemporary Australian experience is that brains trusts border on the abysmal.

The solution is a Constitution providing for women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction whatever the intelligentsia might conclude.

11 April, 2008