socialists overcome sexism

The socialist response to the neo-con revival of militarism and male excess has gained momentum with a split within the Scottish Socialist Party consolidating the influence of women.

As a Frontline editorial suggests, the split developed from concern expressed over a 'cabal' of women "supposedly obsessed with gender issues rather than ‘class issues’".

Opponents argued that "the struggle to end the oppression of women and the struggle for socialism are the same struggle".

"Those who say that women’s issues need to wait until we achieve socialism, or need to take a back seat to ‘class’ issues (as if they were not class issues) really mean that we should do nothing to combat women’s oppression beyond meaningless platitudes."

Supporters of women's rights "are now examining options for new networks and alliances to develop a democratic, socialist and feminist perspective and safeguard the future of the party".

The equitable distribution of wealth at the essence of socialist policy can never be achieved until women are included equitably in decision-making determining wealth distribution.

Socialism can only ever be achieved with government comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction.

August 03, 2006