summit on the future

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced yesterday the appointment of a ten member steering committee for a men's 2020 Summit to be held in April at which 1000 eminent citizens will consider the nation's future.

Consistent with protocols observed under the Australian Constitution convening two men's legislatures and a men's jurisdiction at law to which women are admitted under male supervision, the committee includes a single woman, acclaimed actress Cate Blanchett.

Mr Rudd has yet to announce appointments to a steering committee for a women's 2020 Summit.

The Prime Minister indicated that interested citizens had until Friday to nominate themselves for the men's summit.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, encouraged all primary and secondary schools to host their own men's summits, their deliberations on 'age-appropriate conversation starters' to be delivered to a men's youth summit prior to the national men's summit.

Absent a women's 2020 Summit, the men's summit is reminiscent of the sexism and discrimination enshrined in the Constitution, anathema to meaningful contribution to the nation's future.

27 February, 2008