two nil

The most telling statistic on equality between women and men, the statistic which goes to the source of power, is that by the doctrine of original intent, Australia's Constitution provides the nation with two men's legislatures, a Senate and a House of Representatives, to which inclusive of leadership women are admitted under male supervision, and no women's legislatures. No further proof is required than the knowledge that a majority of the parliament can rescind, with corresponding state legislation, The Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902 with the effect of removing all women members including a woman Prime Minister and preventing most women from voting on grounds of their gender, such is the blatant and irreconcilably sexist nature of Australia's primary instrument of governance. All state legislatures are also men's legislatures. There are no women's legislatures anywhere in the nation, not even a women's caucus which a majority of modern democracies convene to advise their parliaments. Men rule, that's the law, and the consequence in terms of personal safety, opportunity and equity is pervasive. Australia urgently needs to become a republic governed by agreement between women's and men's legislatures, courts and corporate committees to achieve equality between women and men as well as between demographics comprised of women and men.

23 September, 2010