unfit to plead

Common and Statute laws contain no provision for women's courts and men's courts yet modern science is universally of the view that women and men are different because their brains are different which results in different perceptions, priorities and behaviour.

Laws which decline to distinguish between women's reason and men's reason cannot rationally be applied to either women or men. Women and men are unfit to plead at Common or Statute law.

The judicial tests on the balance of probabilities and beyond reasonable doubt make no sense when applied commonly to women and men. Is the matter beyond women's reasonable doubt or beyond men's reasonable doubt, beyond neither or beyond both?

In its present form Common or Statute law applies exclusively to irrational humanoids.

A proceeding at Common or Statute law in acceptance of a plea from a woman or a man is a contaminated proceeding. If you are a woman or a man and have been convicted of an offence upon acceptance of a plea in a court of Common or Statute law the conviction was obtained by fraud.

Relief may be obtained at Customary law with courts of women's and men's jurisdiction interpreting laws derived from a women's senate and a men's assembly presided over by an executive of elders.