women's alliance paves way for republic

Australia moved closer to a republic with which to generate world peace following the passage of legislation through Parliament depriving male ministerial control of women's access to women's medicine.

In an unprecedented alliance across the political spectrum, women have achieved consensus in what author Anne Summers indicates has "brought women parliamentarians in Canberra out of the political closet."

Observing that "despite the massive increase in the numbers of women in all parties, there had been no corresponding increase in their working together (or, indeed, at all) to improve policies that affected women", Ms Summers suggests that "[m]aybe women have finally achieved the critical mass that many have argued was the precondition to women having any real power in Canberra."

"If it is the beginning of a new way, it will represent a truly massive change in the way our women pollies work and it has the potential to be of enormous benefit to Australian women in all sorts of ways."

Australia is poised to become a republic after a decade-long orgy of personal greed, public corruption and enthusiasm with global violence during which ministers of the Crown and senior public servants acting with allegiance to a foreign monarch persecuted and attempted to murder government employees and members of the public with apparent impunity.

Moreover, the nation's international reputation under it's imbattled, incumbent Constitution is in tatters both within the Coalition of the Willing as the principal financier of Saddam Hussein's overthrown regime through illegal wheat kickbacks and with the rest of the world as a member of the hopelessly ill-conceived and discredited Coalition of the Willing in the first place.

Government comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of womens' and men's jurisdiction is the solution to the provision of world peace.

February 23, 2006