women denied democracy

It is hopelessly inadequate and unfair for men to have invited women to take up seats in legislatures and on judicial benches then compromise their presence with a biological predisposition to interruption and intimidation.

Fuelled with testosterone, men are biologically predisposed to intimidate women in mixed company, compromising women's access to democracy in the absence of women's and men's legislatures and legal jurisdictions.

The outcome is arbitrary democracy dominated by men and the occasional woman acting in situ.

Any influence women might have to assuage testosterone-fuelled policy is frustrated by incessant interruption.

The solution is democracy comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction.

An authentic democracy eliminates the adolescent-minded schoolyard bullies imposing their testosterone-fuelled opinions on women, currently the scourge of legislatures and jurisdictions across the globe and the source of massive social disruption, dislocation and despair.

An uncompromised women's voice acting in concert with constrained testosterone-fuelled male aggression is also the most effective counter to global terrorism.

Personal greed and global violence will prevail until women achieve democracy.

January 5, 2006