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cycles of civilisation

The rise and fall of civilisation can be analysed from a number of perspectives. more

child abuse

In response to calls for a prohibition on taking photographs of children at sports carnivals in case someone might abuse the privilege, experts Chris Goddard and Joe Tucci claim that child abuse, in all its forms, has always been a problem. more

Reconciliation and Constitutional Reform

The Sydney Morning Herald reported recently that "Sydney Aborigines have finally buried 14 ancestors whose remains were stolen in the name of science during the earliest years of European settlement" [ A stolen generation comes home, 4 March 2005]. more

A world without war

Never used to be war and global conflict. more

state of mind

Mens rea is the state of mind indicating culpability which is required by statute as an element of a crime. more

Pretending to be a man

Corporate management in denial of difference between women and men is burying centuries of female potential according to Allison Pearson writing in The Guardian. more

road rules

Women use a different part of the brain to men when driving reports Tim Colquhoun in the Sydney Morning Herald about research conducted by Dr Malcolm Mills, a lecturer in neurosciences at the University of Southern Queensland. more

personal wealth

Research carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research predicts women will own 60 per cent of Britain's personal wealth by 2025 "with many using their professional and personal skills to extraordinary financial effect", reports the London Telegraph. more

diversity and life experience

"Popular confidence in public institutions requires that they reflect the composition of the wider society" writes Simon Evans, director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies at Melbourne Law School, in the Sydney Morning Herald. more

the right to interrupt

From July 1, a record number of sixty-four women, almost one in three, will occupy seats in the Australian Parliament, an increase from six of 188 "at the height of the feminist revolution", writes Paul Sheehan in the Sydney Morning Herald. more

Feathering the nest of the filthy rich

What kind of decision-making forces single mothers and sick people to find paid employment so the most affluent can increase their wealth? more

Security, terrorism and defence think tanks

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald on the absence of women from Australia's international security, terrorism and defence think tanks, Professor Stephanie Fahey, director of the Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific, Sydney University and chairwoman of the National Committee of Women in International Security Australia, highlights the difference women bring to discussions. more

An evil Coalition

The Australian Constitution has delivered the nation a Coalition of such despicable persuasion there can be no question of it's demise. more

Australia's paedophile-like Prime Minister

Torturing a child with confinement behind razor wire in an immigration detention centre is an act of violence not unlike paedophilia. more

women's rights and the war on terror

The war on terror is all about women's rights. more

PM, Attorney-General compromise security

With the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs in turmoil following insidious attempts to implement government policy allegedly in violation of international law, the encumbent Minister conspired with the Prime Minister, both men, to install a woman as Minister to take the fallout from what both knew would be damning revelations of wilful dereliction of duty and bureaucratic incompetence. more

Howard lies to bomb victim

Political expediency plumbed new depths with Australian Prime Minister John Howard lying to a London bombing victim on prime time TV about the nature of the attack. more

Truth and Reconciliation

Styled on the South African experience, Australians can look forward to a Truth and Reconciliation Commission when the nation becomes a republic following the depths to which the Coalition has sunk in government. more

Centrelink accused of killing a customer

An Australian Broadcasting Authority investigation has found Federal welfare agency Centrelink has a case to answer over the suicide of a customer. more

PM snubs the Queen

Australia is a constitutional monarchy in name only following unconditional support from Prime Minister John Howard for the military show trial of a citizen held captive in a foreign prison. more

Australia tortures another women's rights supporter

Consistent with the Howard government's policy of torturing supporters of women's rights in the Australian Public Service, allegations have emerged in the Supreme Court of NSW of the torture of a refugee over support for the rights of women in Iran.


women's jurisdiction ready for recognition

The nomination by a retiring High Court judge of ten women eligible for appointment as his replacement to the seven member bench signals the readiness of Australia's justice system to recognise a women's jurisdiction alongside the men's jurisdiction already illegitimately in place. more

scandalising the judiciary

'A woman has exactly the same chance of receiving a fair trial in Australia as if she was tried by terrorists, absolutely nil.' more

High Court in crisis

The High Court of Australia is under seige following complaints of gagging by the press and calls from the Law Reform Commission and the head of the Judicial Conference of Australia, Justice Ronald Sackville, to allow criticism of the judiciary. more

lame duck president abandons a nation

Confidence in the Office of the President of the United States of America has plummeted as the encumbent George W. Bush reels from crisis to catastrophe of his own creation. more

Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna elder, convicted for reclaiming cultural symbols

equity in the delivery of justice

Who has the right to determine what is equitable between women and men? more

legislature impotent on terror

Playing directly into the hands of terrorists, Australian Prime Minister John Howard has proposed legislation which virtually mirrors existing law in an obvious attempt to terrify the nation's citizens while feigning a tough stand on terror to maintain electoral support. more

honorary male appointed to High Court

The recent appointment of Justice Susan Crennan to the High Court of Australia is the second occasion on which an honorary male has taken a seat on the nation's most prestigious court following the appointment of Justice Mary Gaudron, since retired. more

insurgents score major victory

Australian Prime Minister John Howard's proposal for draconian laws to counter terrorism is a major victory for insurgents across the globe as the Coalition of the Willing slides further into a quagmire of quisling incompetence. more

forfeiture of citizenship

Australian Prime Minister John Howard and his cohorts are treading a fine line; the penalty for removing the right to criticise a democratic constitution is the forfeiture of citizenship. more

collapse of the neocons

The neocon revival is no exception to the rule that social fads flourish and fade. more

legacy to haunt a nation

As an aging Australian Prime Minister John Howard approaches retirement the priorities of government have changed to secure his legacy. more

massive damage to children

An inquiry has heard that policies pursued by Australian Prime Minister John Howard and former Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock have caused massive damage to children detained behind razor wire in immigration prisons. more

men with adolescent minds

It takes men with adolescent minds to boss over women and this is precisely the conundrum the modern world will overcome to achieve world peace. more


Diversity has failed women. Whilst barriers have fallen and women have taken up occupations and professions from which they were previously excluded, recognition of the diversity of the sexes has yet to be implemented. more

backsliding into facism

As the empowerment of women ushers in an age of everlasting world peace and community prosperity, the adolescent minded male insurgents occupying government in Australia backslide belatedly into facism, described eloquently in the Sydney Morning Herald by correspondent Emil H. Witton of Chatswood: more

monkeys outsmart politicians

Coinciding with the passage of obsolete sedition legislation providing for seven years to life imprisonment for criticising Parliament by what has become a panick-stricken Australian government, scientists have demonstrated how monkeys are more clever than judges and politicians. more

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