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climate change

The only way to avoid global catastrophe is to empower women. more

women rule

In the absence of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at a UN conference on climate change in Bali, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard assumes the role of caretaker Prime Minister of Australia. more

a win for women

Australian women gained a massive victory with the election of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. more

vote women only

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Fed up with warfare, economic uncertainty and crime? more

gender apartheid

Gender apartheid is a policy segregating women and men from the same rights. more

referendum proposal

In recognition of women making decisions without interruption and in reconciliation with indigenous Australians ... more

ship of fools

As the APEC Forum sails into Sydney the extent of the massive mismanagement of half the world's population becomes clear. more


Dispossessed of the right to govern with their own legislatures and jurisdiction at law men granted themselves at Federation, Australian women have always struggled against the paternalism and misogyny that haunts the nation's corridors of power. more


Common and Statute law in Australia is based on the ability of judges and juries to guess what might be on the mind of the opposite sex. more

a people's republic

The Constitution of Australia makes no provision for women to govern because they didn't when it was written. more

incompetent at law

Dear Prime Minister, I am in receipt of correspondence from Attorney-General Philip Ruddock dated 3 July, 2007 in response to my concern over the "inability of Australia's High Court to consider women's rights" absent the recognition of a women's jurisdiction. more

Attorney General and cronies charged with war crimes

The rule of law has collapsed in Australia with the affairs of the nation to become the concern of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. more

neo-cons reach the end of the road

His allies are gone or forgotten. His supporters are silenced in shame. His mandate has malfunctioned. With a doomsday election looming the flailing Australian Prime Minister John Howard has delivered the final bruising blow from the global neo-con insurgency with the military occupation of the world's most ancient communities. more

budget prepares for republic

The Coalition Government has brought down a Budget paving the way for an Australian Republic supportive of women's rights. more

women and socioeconomic theory

As a Federal election draw closer in Australia, politicians, usually male, are flooding electorates with socioeconomic theory addressing what is claimed to be the core issue in politics, the economy. more

High Court incompetent on equality

The incapacity of the High Court of Australia to consider women's rights undermines the entire delivery of justice to the nation. more

gender neutral

In response to a comment following her article entitled "Canberra gene pool needs a shake up" in The Australian, journalist Janet Albrechtsen claims that the Australian Constitution is "gender neutral". more

separation isn't segregation

The valid discourse between women and men is no longer how to avoid segregation but how to achieve equity. more

Australian Constitution unlawful

In the absence of a guarantee of gender equality the Australian Constitution is both immoral and illegal in the governance of the nation. more

proxy male vents on education

Australian Education Minister, Julie Bishop, has ridiculed the men's legislature in which she holds proxy membership, the Federal House of Representatives, by accusing opposition leader, Kevin Rudd, of poaching the idea of introducing a national school curriculum. more

same rights promote sexualisation

The sexualisation of modern women, a topic consuming media analysis, is occurring as a direct consequence of men substituting the rights they grant themselves for equal rights. more

US absent on equal rights

The Constitution of the United States of America fails to recognise equal rights in the prohibition of freedom to half the nation's citizens and in violation of basic human rights. more

eleven point one per cent

2K7 and women comprise 2 from 18 Cabinet Ministers of Australia's 41st Parliament. more

Constitution excludes women

The Australian Constitution fails to recognise women in violation of basic human rights. more

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