equal rights administration

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men's parliament speaks with woman's voice

Australia's Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin, has "slapped down ambitions for a new indigenous representative body to have legislative powers". more

men's democracy insufficient

In a letter to the editor, founding Australian Human Rights Commissioner Brian Burdekin writes: "It is extraordinary that any lawyer - let alone retired High Court judges or colourful QCs - can seriously contend that the common law and democratically elected parliaments are adequate to protect human rights." more

query on right

Australia is spending $1.4 million to find out how to protect women's sole right to male supervision. more

Constitution teaches boys to bash girls

A nation's Constitution lays down guidelines for citizen behaviour. more

celebrating supervision

Violence is the outcome of an imbalance of power. more

act of uncertainty

Australia's 1984 Sex Discrimination Act is not worth the paper on which it is printed. more


The one certainty emerging from the economic meltdown is that men are on a slippery slope to oblivion. more

saving USA

Three states short of 38 required to ratify equal rights, the United States of America stands at the crossroads of global culture. more

men collapse capitalism

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Male speculation has collapsed capitalism with massive government intervention implemented to preserve public safety. more

throw off the shackles

throw off the shackles of male supervision more

Constitution causes sex discrimination

Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, claims that "almost a quarter of a century after such behaviour was outlawed", the nation is "having difficulty getting rid of systematic discrimination" against women. more

summon the courage

Absent the equitable inclusion of women in legislatures and a jurisdiction at law men caused a global climate catastrophe. more

staff gender agenda

A raft of complaints has emerged over the treatment of women journalists by the Office of the Prime Minister of Australia. more

the way forward

Once upon a time men ruled the world. more

Queen honours ... men

Men are the business of the British Crown. Women mostly get nothing. more


Under the stewardship of the honourable Maxine McKew the Australian Government's 2020 Summit has provided a report on "The future of Australian governance" with priority for "constitution, rights and responsibilities", absent a single mention of women's rights. more

straw castle

The men who enacted the Australian Constitution as an Act of the British Parliament in 1900 did not intend that their legislation would grant women equal rights. more

women's rights contravene Constitution

Australian women have no secure rights under a Constitution enacted by men who considered women incapable of participating in government. more

citizenship test

Announcing a review of Australia's multi-question english language citizenship test Citizenship Minister, Chris Evans, explained that: "citizenship is about understanding your rights and responsibilities as a citizen, things like equality before the law, democratic systems, equal rights for men and women, the very fundamentals about how you operate, about how you're allowed to behave in a democratic society". more

men's summit backs a republic

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's men's 2020 Summit on Australia's future has endorsed a call for the nation to become a republic. more

the purpose of the executive

The role of the Governor-General under the Australian Constitution is to resolve disputes in Parliament and empower the judiciary on behalf of the British monarch. more


Half the population of Australia, women, is subservient to the other half, men, and the brains trusts that run the nation see no problem. more

Constitution should guarantee participation

Of the 44 referendum proposals to amend the Australian Constitution put to popular vote over the past century only eight have succeeded says George Williams, Professor of Law at the University of NSW. more

bathed in benevolence

A year after Australia became a nation the men's club that formed its Parliament announced that women would henceforth be eligible to vote and stand for election. more

under supervision

How many Australians would consider women capable of governing without male supervision? more

summit on the future

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced yesterday the appointment of a ten member steering committee for a men's 2020 Summit to be held in April at which 1000 eminent citizens will consider the nation's future. more

saying sorry

The Australian Parliament said sorry to Aborigines this week over past mistreatment. more

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