Chief Commissioner Ken D. Lay APM
Victoria Police Centre
G.P.O Box 913
Melbourne, VIC, 3001

27 October, 2014

Dear Chief Commissioner,

Earlier this year I wrote to Crimestoppers to report the theft of two paintings valued together at around $85,000 and hundreds of thousands of dollars from the estate of my deceased mother, as well as a crime I now know was blackmail committed against me by the Executor of my mother's Will.

Detective Mark Wiederhold from Narre Warren contacted me over the matters and I provided him with a memory stick of information with what I could obtain from a broken laptop as Detective Wiederhold wouldn't accept the laptop to recover the information he sought himself.

Detective Wiederhold informed me some time later that he had investigated my concerns and would take no action.

He told me he'd located the "Hanging Rock" heritage painting that Rowan McKeon and Anne Osborne had stolen from me, but would only hint that it might be at Anne Osborne's residence in Narre Warren. In 2012 Rowan McKeon informed me that Anne Osborne was selling her house in Narre Warren and relocating to another property in the district. Detective Wiederhold withheld the address of her new residence.

It seems unusual that a Police Officer would enjoin a conspiracy to thieve property from a part owner report of it's theft.

Detective Wiederhold didn't speak to me at all about the "Bird" painting, an image I've spent thousands of dollars marketing but have no access to the original. Rowan McKeon told me his daughter, who lives at a property he owns in Belgrave, had taken it from my mother's estate but then denied she'd taken it when I asked him for it's return.

Detective Wiederhold did explain that Paul Osborne had clearly blackmailed me into signing a distribution release form for my mother's estate which bore no resemblance to either the wording or intent of her Will, on the threat emailed to me that he would otherwise use my inheritance to pay his mortgage. But Detective Wiederhold said he considered the blackmail was a joke, as had Rowan McKeon when I informed him and Anne Osborne immediately I received the threat. Rowan McKeon responded that regardless of Paul Osborne's alleged "joke" I would still have to sign the release form if I was to be paid my inheritance.

Rowan McKeon and Anne Osborne also withdrew financial support they'd given me over the previous year and a half as parties to the blackmail. In 2011 I'd requested financial support from them to be returned upon receipt of my inheritance but both said they had no funds available to assist me. Rowan McKeon indicated that his considerable real estate investments were in jeopardy because he no longer received an income as a public servant. Then suddenly in 2012 I was offered unlimited financial support until the estate was distributed and received $1,000 per month for eighteen months. Payments ceased immediately I refused to sign Paul Osborne's release form and was blackmailed to do so. Rowan McKeon and Anne Osborne had gained considerable wealth after Rowan McKeon was granted power of attorney over my mother's estate in the last year or so of her life.

Rowan McKeon and Anne Osborne each received around $45,000 from the blackmail should the Will have been distributed according to it's intent. Paul Osborne paid himself $8,000 by including two of his own children in the settlement not mentioned in the Will.

As Executor to my mother's estate, Paul Osborne delivered his blackmail threat with the explicit authority of the Supreme Court of Victoria. It seems highly unusual a Police Officer would consider such authority can appropriately be exercised as a joke. Indeed, such judgement undermines the rule of law in Victoria, a matter that should perhaps be brought to the attention of both the public and relevant authorities.

I certainly have sufficient respect for the Supreme Court to have taken the blackmail threat seriously even if Rowan McKeon and Detective Wiederhold don't.

Neither would Detective Wiederhold discuss with me the theft of at least two hundred thousand dollars from my mother's estate. In the 1990s, before I relocated to Sydney from Rye to teach at UNSW, my mother owned two properties on the Morning Peninsula valued then at around $220,000. She lived frugally until she died and received a full Commonwealth Public Service Pension as well as income from teaching music. When Rowan McKeon gained her power of attorney she would have had capital of at least $280,000 yet the release form I was blackmailed into signing indicated that her estate had been entirely stripped of capital to the extent she couldn't pay for her own funeral, an expense for which Rowan McKeon and Anne Osborne were reimbursed.

Rowan McKeon told me that nursing home fees over a combined period of around six months at several locations had soaked up most of my mother's capital, a preposterous $10,000 or so per week, and that he had also made a claim on the estate of $28,000 for removing his property from her residence and for preparing the residence for sale. He's refused all my attempts to seek further explanation.

Rowan McKeon, Anne Osborne and Paul Osborne had conspired in 2007 to blackmail my mother into changing her Will in their favour on the threat they would abandon her in my absence when she was a 90 year invalid who had become dependent on them. Their predilection to blackmail was already established when Paul Osborne blackmailed me on behalf of the three. After my mother died I hired a solicitor to challenge the substitute Will but was defrauded over fees and by the time a complaint to the Legal Services Commissioner was resolved the matter had become 'out of time' and could not proceed. Neither did I get the opportunity to view the probate documents because I could not obtain legal representation in time to commence an action.

It's easy for Detective Wiederhold to say that what appears to be several prima facie cases of serious crime should be sorted out with better communication within my family, like we're the Kelly gang or something. Anne Osborne has declined to respond to my emails and telephone calls since January 2013, Rowan McKeon since September 2013 and the last email I received from Paul Osborne in September 2013, issued also under the authority of the Supreme Court, was the words: "Fuck off you moron".

Finally, Detective Wiederhold failed to provide me with an incident report number for the matters brought to his attention. Is there a record of reports made to Crimestoppers?

Thanks for any attention you may give to these concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Philip McKeon

28 Cullen Street,
Nimbin. NSW 2489

mob: 0404254328