customary, common and statute law

First Australian customary law recognises a women's jurisdiction and a men's jurisdiction. 'The men never used to boss over the women, the women were their own bosses'. Common and Statute law recognises a men's jurisdiction only. All women in all fifteen legislatures which govern Australia can be removed, including the Prime Minister, two state Premiers and all first Australian women as with Linda Burney, Marion Scrymgour and Carol Martin, simply with majorities suspending or rescinding legislation which granted women franchise in the first place. All women, including all first Australian women, would also be prohibited the vote under the terms of Australia's shameful Constitution and its state counterparts. Men can't be removed in the same way, or in any other way, since legislation which enabled all fifteen legislatures assumes male privilege. First Australians could do all Australians a favour by asserting tradition rather than bedding down with the whitefella's blatantly sexist rule of law. The remedy is reform of the Constitution to provide for governance conducted by agreement between women's and men's legislatures, courts and corporate committees. Anything less is codswallop.

16 December, 2010