advice improper

An adviser to Australia's Attorney-General Robert McClelland responds with a form letter 1 2 to concerns over gender equality with the view that the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 seeks "to eliminate sexual harassment in areas of public activity".

Never mind that the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 has had absolutely no effect whatsoever in reducing violence against women over the past quarter century in public or private, as the adviser has been made aware.

Never mind that the Constitution under which the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 was enacted is a blatantly sexist document which provides for men's legislatures only, as Mr McClelland's Constitutional Policy Unit adviser 1 2 3 4 and 5 6 has been repeatedly made aware without a scintilla of apparent comprehension.

Let Australian women suffer is the message the Attorney-General's department is sending.

The sooner Australia becomes an equal rights republic the sooner the public purse will no longer be burdened with uncaring male bureaucrats.

27 August, 2009