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Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott appeared in the ACT Supreme Court on March 29-April 6 on charges of stealing a coat of arms. more

Young women don't want to have it all, says a new survey. Allison Pearson fears they just want to stay home with the children. more

There is not one country where women are truly equal with men, reports Cosima Marriner on International Women's Day. more

IT CAN be cruel to watch. A silver-tongued barrister with decades of education under his belt going after an Aboriginal witness on the stand. more

An Aboriginal community's wish for self-sufficiency is mired in conflict, writes Ben Hills. more

Sydney Aborigines have finally buried 14 ancestors whose remains were stolen in the name of science during the earliest years of European settlement. more

It is time to cast aside the myths about pedophile crimes, write Chris Goddard and Joe Tucci. more

A little book with a big title, Dark Age Ahead, published last year, tracked the ebbs and flows of civilisations over centuries. It came to this chilling conclusion: "We show signs of rushing headlong into a Dark Age." Not slipping towards a Dark Age. Rushing. more

IT'S the dirty secret of deregulation. The more women enter the workforce, the easier it is for businesses to keep a lid on wages, while pushing profits and executive salaries to new record highs. more

In ancient times soothsayers pored over the gizzards of birds to predict who was up and who was down in political life. More recently opinion polls have emerged to do much the same thing, only more scientifically. more

Australia has ranked dismally in a global index on media freedom released by Paris-based watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF). Here are the rankings. more

A small book turned up last week entitled How to Kill a Country. It was written by three Sydney academics about our "free trade" deal with the United States. They could as easily have been writing about what, spare us, happened on Saturday. more

If we really want to protect victims of domestic violence, we need to start with the perpetrators, writes Adrienne Burgess. more

Has it struck anyone else that women have so far been shadows flickering on the edge of this election campaign? The smooth pates glinting under the spotlight have been male, and the campaign has been shaped as being about, ostensibly, money, mortgages and war. more

"People are starting to identify that the girls need to be treated in a different way. Women are more natural amongst themselves and so are the men." Several times in recent years Nugent has segregated the women's and men's team in a bid to improve their performances." more

we must be brave enough to set women and girls and men and boys free of all the bonds of patriarchy more

John Howard was not impressed. In Samoa for the Pacific Islands forum, he was confronted with an extraordinary repudiation of his foreign policy, especially the Iraq war, by 43 of Australia's former military chiefs, department heads and senior diplomats. more

These stories, brought together by the Older Women's Network Aboriginal Support Circle - a feisty group who spent "a long and intricate process with indigenous and non-indigenous women side by side editing each story to the satisfaction of each individual" - won't lose their freshness or relevance to insensitive editing. more

Women are failing to break down the male domination of barrister's ranks because of two "F factors" - fear and family. more

UNITED NATIONS - Indigenous women, often the most powerless people in society, bear the brunt of both criminal and political violence, participants at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues said this week, the first of a two-week session. more

Organisms 'discount the future' when they value imminent goods over future goods. Optimal discounting varies: selection should favour allocations of effort that effectively discount the future relatively steeply in response to cues promising relatively good returns on present efforts. However, research on human discounting has hitherto focused on stable individual differences rather than situational effects. more

Catholic educators will renew their bid to discriminate in favour of men to boost the low number of male teachers in primary schools. more

What made humans evolve? Of all the animals, what was it about our particular species that brought us to the kinds of poetry, music, art and other transcendent activities we see as uniquely human endeavors? more

The key to happiness - and sanity - for women could be to spend the whole of their lives single, new British research suggests. more

"Ray was nominated for the award by the Attorney General's Department crime prevention division officer Dean Hart for the results the men's group has achieved," more

Affirmative action in the private sector has been ditched as the Government turns a blind eye, writes Anne Summers. more

The Melbourne Writers' Festival debate between Keith Windschuttle and Robert Manne focused on their differences. However, Windschuttle, Manne and John Hirst (the debate's chairman) demonstrated that they share something in common. On several occasions, all three men talked about "the Aborigines and their women". The language during the debate demonstrated a white male view of history. It dismissed the experiences and autonomy of Aboriginal women. By making them invisible, they whited out their history. more

The thing that makes men men - their Y chromosome - is not as puny as scientists thought. New research shows it is endowed with 78 genes, rather than the expected handful. And in a surprise find, the chromosome has the ability to repair most of these genes, including those important to sperm production. more

My opinion is that, as early as possible, boys should have social contact with robust adult men of every kind -- practical men of action, not just white-collar bookworms, whose sense of the physical world is dim. more

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