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Howell Raines recalls New Orleans's unique place in US culture and rages against George Bush's glaring failure to manage the tragedy. more

"Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the greater New Orleans area, and bureaucracy has to stand trial before Congress now. " more

American bewilderment has turned to fury as the richest nation on earth fails to rescue its own people from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, which has left scenes of anarchy and Third World desperation. more

The following is a transcript of WWL correspondent Garland Robinette's interview with Nagin on Thursday night. Robinette asked the mayor about his conversation with President Bush: more

This is hardly the moment for the media to be sticking their hand out asking for an enlargement of their freedom of expression. more

MORE than two-thirds of Bahrainis do not consider the representation of women in parliamentary and municipal elections to be an essential part of the democratic process, according to a local study. more

The massive wage increases generated by Australia's prolonged growth spell have gone largely into the pockets of the rich, challenging the Prime Minister's claim that average workers have enjoyed a real 14 per cent pay rise since 1998, research shows. more

The case for permitting wider public criticism of Australia's courts is "extremely strong", says the head of the national judges association, Justice Ronald Sackville. more

JUSTICE Michael McHugh sent out a call on Wednesday night for a woman to replace him on the High Court, when at midnight on October 31 he is constitutionally obliged to retire. He made a similar cry in a speech delivered on October 27 last year in Perth. more

Justice Michael McHugh has sealed his status as poster boy for women lawyers with his claim that there are 10 females who would make "first-class" High Court judges. more

He fled Iran only to find himself a victim of the immigration system, writes Adele Horin. more

The Australian Government's support for US military justice has been exposed. more

In a 459-word answer, Howard denied that the policies of the Australian, British and US governments on Iraq had anything to do with the July 7 London suicide bombings, or with any other acts or threats of terrorism against US, British or Australian nationals. more

The Prime Minister has been put on the spot by an Australian casualty of the London bombings, Louise Barry, who asked whether he thought the attack was triggered by the Iraq war. more

Australia's children are victims of the new economy that has turned increasing numbers of men into casual or part-time workers, a leading economist has warned. more

Where are you, Philip Ruddock? The minister in charge of the disgraced Immigration Department for 7 years is the same minister now responsible for the safety of the nation's key infrastructure against terrorist attacks. more

The Prime Minister has appointed the head of the Immigration Department to a plum overseas job before an inquiry delivers its verdict on a series of bungles. more

The leaders of the Group of Eight leading industrialised nations and Russia are gathering in Gleneagles, Scotland, for what is widely regarded as one of the most important G8 summits in recent years. more

The statement of the Group of Eight leaders on the London explosions, read by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, on Thursday before leaving for London: more

Senator Guy Barnett (The Sun-Herald, June 19) wants the Queen's Birthday replaced by a holiday for volunteers, or to honour the indigenous people. more

At least 10,000 unauthorised arrivals have been through Australia's immigration detention centres since July 1999, including 3899 children. more

Women have a limited role in Australia's think tanks, writes Stephanie Fahey. more

If the Coalition's budget tax cuts are pitched more to Mosman than Cabramatta, Labor has focused on Wentworthville. more

They talk shop, gossip and offer each other more

Three-year-old Naomi Leong was born into detention and has known no other life but still asks her mother when they are going home. more

The arrival of more women in Parliament won't quite be what the feminists envisaged in the 1970s, writes Paul Sheehan. more

The next judge appointed should be a woman, writes Simon Evans. more

Female millionaires will outnumber their male counterparts across all age groups within 20 years, says research published today. It describes women as the "financial powerhouses" of Britain. more

There may finally be proof that men are better drivers than women. Or that women are better drivers than men. more

Proposed changes to the Land Rights Act attack the basis of Aboriginal culture, writes Galarrwuy Yunupingu. more

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