equal rights administration

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women's legislatures

Women have a right to make decisions without being interrupted by men. more

dinosaur decision-making

Decision-making amongst women and men can be accomplished either at the optimum of efficiency or as the dinosaur of decision-making. more

is this democracy?

Leadership of USA, UK and Australia is achieved by popular vote yet neither Bush, Blair nor Howard can provide effective leadership to women because they don't think like women. more

rules of engagement

A constitution establishes rules of engagement between women and men. more

constitution crumbles with corruption

The Australian Constitution, under constant review since the 1970s as women moved collectively into politics, is crumbling under the weight of corruption following the 2004 re-election of a Coalition government led by a pathological liar, revealed extensively on the site johnhowardlies.com during the campaign. more

Redfern graffiti 2004

rational democracy

Cardinal Pell omits rational democracy in the article "Towards a transformative democracy founded on the dignity of us all". (Herald November 12) more

democracy and the age of reason

Modern democracy emerged with the age of reason, dawning centuries ago for men, and as men reasoned it was rational to relinquish outright control of communities, over the past century for women. more

Australia's bogus election result

Try again Australia, nobody's duped; democracy achieves rational representation. more

Is the management of your corporation flawed?

Corporations manage behaviour. Women and men possess different reason, perception and behaviour. more

unfit to plead?

Common and Statute laws contain no provision for women's courts and men's courts yet modern science is universally of the view that women and men are different because their brains are different which results in different perceptions, priorities and behaviour. more

bureaucratic dysfunction

On three occasions over four years employment with the Australian Public Service [APS] I gave advice to Prime Minister John Howard about a provision of a workplace agreement concerning activities erroneously entitled Shared Behaviours from the perspective of modern science that women and men have different behaviours.

Government governs behaviour. Women and men have different reason, perception and behaviour. more

are you stupid?

You know that women and men think differently so why aren't there women's courts and men's courts? more

why there is war

Nations govern behaviour. Women and men have different perception, reason and behaviour. more

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