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If Australia’s Constitution provided for a Parliament with women's legislatures only to which men are admitted under female supervision, instead of men’s legislatures only to which women are admitted under male supervision, men would be ropable.

The patience, tolerance and perseverance women have displayed in the pursuit of equality, soon to be rewarded with a republic with provision for law enacted by agreement between a women's legislature and a men's legislature, has earned the support of all Australians.


The provision of a women's legislature in the Parliament of Australia is the natural culmination of men's legislatures granting women the vote.

A referendum to amend the Constitution to provide for law enacted by agreement between a women’s legislature and a men’s legislature is required to confirm the transition to gender equality.

senate subsumed

Party politics have subsumed the states Australia’s Constitution provides with a Senate.

The Constitution can now be amended so the Senate is a women's legislature enacting law by agreement with the House of Representatives as a men's legislature, the states with gendered legislatures of their own.

prisoners of gender apartheid

Under the subheading ‘a women's lot in Saudi’ of a headline ‘the Australian who has become a prisoner of gender apartheid’, a recent news article reports that ‘women in Saudi Arabia must have a male guardian’.

Australian women are familiar with gender apartheid because their nation’s Constitution provides for men's legislatures only, albeit that the supervision they endure is less extreme than the male supervision of women in Saudi Arabia.

middle-aged men

The Constitution of Australia mandates that all women remain under permanent male supervision, which falls to middle-aged men through a male predisposition to hierarchy.

Labor’s middle-aged men have encouraged women to acquire skills to supervise their own, enabling the women's legislature of an equal rights republic, whereas the Liberal's middle-aged men have preferred the politics of fear which excites men but is largely repugnant to women.

the politics of fear

With overactive imaginations and a penchant for the perverse, men are the masters of the politics of fear, which when targeted at asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat especially impact upon women and children who suffer most from incarceration and uncertainty.

The provision of a women's legislature in Parliament would temper male hysteria and redirect precious time and resources to more profitable enterprise.

women's religion

Consistent with the Australian Constitution's provision for men's legislatures only, the Federal Parliamentary Christian Prayer Network‘s website exhorts "supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peacable life in all godliness and reverence. (1 Timothy 2:1)", only.

A prayer network for the parliament of an equal rights republic enacting law by agreement between women's and men's legislatures would exhort intercessions from women's religion as well as the men's.

all of the above

You name it: global warming, the economy, overpopulation, religion, social justice, small government, big government, bureaucracy, sustainability and child welfare; patriarchy is the problem.

Empower women with government by agreement between women's and men's legislatures and all the problems ever caused by patriarchy are healed.

prime ministers

If Australia's Prime Minister was prime minister of a men's legislature in leadership with the Prime Minister of a women's legislature there would be no problem with a description of his office as a place where "blokes absolutely run this show" while women are "administrative assistants" and "struggle to make the cut at senior levels".

As a stand alone prime minister the Office of the Prime Minister of Australia demeans women.

where are the women?

Departments of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Attorney-General of Australia are mounting a rear guard action in support of paternalism.

Eight letters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 authored by four men from these departments fail to consider the nation's Constitution with regard to women.

Why does the government refuse women an opinion on law reform?

advice improper

An adviser to Australia's Attorney-General Robert McClelland responds with a form letter to concerns over gender equality with the view that the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 seeks "to eliminate sexual harassment in areas of public activity". more

boards of directors

Following the release of a Diversity on Boards of Directors report, Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick "said it was time for approaches that will guarantee progress towards gender equality in the marketplace". more

child support

Parental disputes can impact adversely on children. more

celebrating gender difference

In the transition from patriarchy to equal rights the fashion has been to minimise gender difference, yet women and men view society differently. more


Australia's entire bureaucracy is in a state of perpetual confusion because women and men are required to administer laws enacted solely by men's legislatures to which women are admitted, according to the nation's Constitution, under male supervision. more

corporate skills

A recent study reveals women and men would have exactly the same competitive skills should government require corporations to manage their business by agreement between women's and men's committees. more

women and reconciliation

Australia's Federal Parliament has struggled to recognise Aboriginal law. more

the best person

The best person for the job allowed men to stack the high-risk finance industry and collapse the global economy. more

men’s legislature removes infants in care

The rules of Australia's Senate, a men's legislature as mandated by the nation's Constitution, prohibit the attendance of infants in maternal care. more

crumbling misogyny

Flash back 120 years and many of the most educated men would have postured that granting women the right to vote and to be elected to Parliament 'amounts to one of the most negative of women's agendas which will never work or be implemented, largely because most women, along with all the men of Australia think it completely divisive and bereft of any merit'. more

new federalism

The Constitution of Australia was enacted to enable a Federation of States. more

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sport and politics

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has called for sports organisations to foster greater respect for women. more

opportunity to end violence

Australia's government will ask the Australian Law Reform Commission to 'examine the inter-relationship of Federal and State laws that relate to the safety of women and their children'. more

the measure of a man

When constitutional democracy commenced, only men made law and delivered justice. more

states' senate obsolete

Australia's Senate no longer operates as a forum for State review as the nation's Constitution intends. more


Most Australians would be astonished to learn their nation's Constitution is the primary cause of rape and sexual violence, High Court judges and the Attorney-General included on indication of their silence. more

power and control

"Many people believe that rape is a sexual act. Although rape involves sexual acts, it is motivated by the desire for power and control over another person rather than by sexual attraction or the desire for sexual gratification. In other words, rape is a crime of violence." more

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smart democracy

I'd like to propose that a better system of democracy than the one we have now would comprise both a men's and a women's legislature, which would be presided over by elders. more

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Australia act referendum

Women were prohibited from the Parliament which enacted The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900. more

gender common to all forms of discrimination

Disadvantage from discrimination based on race, religion, colour, age and disability persist in modern society despite ongoing efforts at eradication. more

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collective bargaining

The global economy collapsed through a failure of legislatures in which women and men bargain individually, to regulate the financial industry. more

women rescue economy

At the vanguard of a new era in gender relations, a community which suffered a humiliating collapse during the global economic meltdown "has turned over key levers of finance to women", The Washington Post reports. more

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smart government

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's call for a new world order to regulate capitalism comes as women achieve office at every level of government. more

governance insufficient

First Australians have every right to govern their own when governance imposed is insufficient. more

men's club discriminates against women

The president of Melbourne's Athenaeum club has affirmed a prohibition on female membership. more


Israel's Knesset is comprised of 15 per cent women. more

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