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women denied democracy

It is hopelessly inadequate and unfair for men to have invited women to take up seats in legislatures and on judicial benches then compromise their presence with a biological predisposition to interruption and intimidation. more

eliminating crime

With one in six hundred citizens incarcerated in overcrowded prisons, the New South Wales government faces a catastrophic failure of policy on crime described by barrister Arthur Moses as the "failure of government to address those factors which are associated with crime, including poverty, drug abuse, lack of education opportunities, crime gangs, lack of facilities for the mentally ill and an under-resourced police force". more

MIZ are Marsha Chang-Tave and Sarah Patrick

legislatures penalise women

Governments should treat the troubled child-care system "in the same way they treat male-dominated issues" according to Sydney MP Jackie Kelly, a 'close ally' of Prime Minister John Howard. more

Constitution compromised by conscience vote

A bill introduced into Parliament by four female senators has torn the Australian Constitution to shreds as support for the right of women to make decisions over their own bodies has overcome the mysogynist ideology that men have a natural right to boss over women. more

women's alliance paves way for republic

Australia moved closer to a republic with which to generate world peace following the passage of legislation through Parliament depriving male ministerial control of women's access to women's medicine. more

socialising capitalism

Socialism is the achievement of equity in the distribution to women and men of community resources. The emergence of male approaches to socialism during industrialisation, albeit sympathetic to women's rights, as a struggle between capital and labour, failed to achieve equity with the rise of global capitalism in the absence of the empowerment of women. more

Senate majority exposes flawed Constitution

The Senate majority achieved by the Coalition Government has exposed the Australian Constitution as a deeply flawed document enabling unscrupulous administration without checks or balance. more

gender equality

Despite a century of the implementation of policies of gender equality "[w]omen continue to suffer serious violations of their rights" according to Ana Munoz, writing in the Cuban news service Granma. more

single mothers slammed by male welfare reforms

A survey of 20,000 women has found that the male dominated Coalition government's welfare reforms will have a devastating effect on the mental health of single mothers. more

'his horniness' rises again

The legal profession descended into farce once again over the issue of women in court as NSW Supreme Court judge Peter Young, the chief judge in equity, railed against 'unwelcome' displays of female flesh while owning up to oggling the boobs of large-breasted barristers, foreshadowing an avalanche of appeal of his judgements. more


Religion is the accumulation of knowledge with the method of mythology, superceded with advances in technology by the secular accumulation and retrieval of knowledge. more

world views informed by different literature

British surveys have found that women and men read different kinds of books, undermining the efficacy of the Common and Statute law the nation has entrenched across the world. more

"It hadn't crossed my mind"

The Prime Minister of Australia is a froot loop. John Howard's testimony to the Cole Inquiry into the privatised Australian Wheat Board's $300m corruption of the United Nations oil-for-food program in Iraq, which saw a company under Australian government supervision providing the principle funding for Suddam Hussein's regime to imperil Australians in warfare and to slaughter American citizens, in blatant contravention of sedition laws, that "[i]t hadn't crossed my mind that it would have behaved corruptly", is revealing. more


Freedom is defined by the nature of governance. more


Conflict within families and between neighbours and nations is the product of an imbalance of power between women and men. more

blokes budget

Without so much as a whimper of protest the men who dole out the Federal budget in Australia once again delivered record spending and an unprecedented surplus riding high on the back of a decade of rapacious resource exploitation streamlined by their predecessors. more

An Aborigine-owned vessel decorated with the indigenous flag of Australia features in a parade of sails before the New Year's Eve fireworks display in Sydney Photo: AFP
Sydney Morning Herald photo gallery: How Sydney Harbour ushered 2006 in


All women and most men are denied justice when men boss over women as male elites strip all but themselves of access to fair-minded treatment without fear or favour, regardless of the provision of judicial process. more

case mounts on paedophile PM

Australian Prime Minister John Howard was made aware of horrific cases of indigenous child abuse at a Family Violence Summit he convened in 2003 and did nothing to assist the nation's most vulnerable citizens, proof absolute of the personal responsibility he bears over the paedophile imprint of his administration. more

dump this wretched Constitution

The Australian Constitution has once again been exposed as the nation's principal impediment to democracy with the incumbent government's unscrupulous evasion of probity, fairness, integrity and decency during questioning time, the last remnant of parliamentary scrutiny available under what has become a shambolic governing authority. more


Environmental management is at a premium when women and men share decision-making equitably as with government comprising women's and men's legislatures presided over by an executive of elders accompanied by courts of women's and men's jurisdiction. more


Women and men can only hazard a guess as to what's on each other's minds yet by the terms of the Australian Constitution this speculation is the basis of democracy. more

Constitution fails on same-sex marriage

The propensity for men to seek to control women under the terms of the encumbent Australian Constitution has been revealed with Federal Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock's personal intervention to prevent the ACT Government from recognising same-sex marriages. more

world peace and human nature

World peace is achievable according to philosophy professor emeritus of Empire State College, New York City Dr. John J. Neumaier. more

regime change fails Iraqi women

Sexual terrorism in Iraq has accelerated markedly since the American invasion according to Emeritus Professor Ruth Rosen, a historian and journalist who teaches public policy at UC Berkeley. more

women and world peace

After examining the "economic and social effects of militarization, war and violence on the peoples of the world" the Women's Working Group of the World Peace Forum held in Vancouver 23-28 June, 2006 has issued a statement resolving that "[w]omen must be equally represented in economic and political structures and at the table in conflict resolution". more

socialists overcome sexism

The socialist response to the neo-con revival of militarism and male excess has gained momentum with a split within the Scottish Socialist Party consolidating the influence of women. more

elders advance reconciliation

In a defining moment for reconciliation Australian Aborigines have convened a National Council of Elders. more

historians who don't know history

A summit of eminent Australian historians who should know better has backed the Howard government's plan to force three State governments to replace postmodern subjects with a traditional history course or lose billions in school funding. more

puerile PM at odds with women's rights

In a speech to a Quadrant magazine forum Australian Prime Minister John Howard has promised more of the same from his Administration after deriding social justice, Aboriginal rights and critics of the destabalisation of the Middle East. more

bureaucratic corruption

Since, in the absence of women's and men's jurisdictions, Australian Courts are little more than places of privilege for the antithesis of social justice, complaints against the massive corruption fomented and festering in Prime Minister Johns Howard's administration are more appropriately in the process of documentation rather than prosecution. more

cross-party unity confounds ideology

Cross-party women's unity is changing the Australian Parliament according to political analyst Michelle Grattan, writing in The Sun-Herald on 12 November, 2006. more

Greens pioneer legitimate leadership

The Green Party of England and Wales is at the vanguard of modern political leadership with the appointment of dual Principal Speakers to its leadership group. more

women call for rule of law

The head of the Fiji Women's Rights Movement, Virisila Buadromo's, call for lawful processes to resolve the standoff between the Government and the military prior to commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama's declaration of a state of emergency, flags a long-term political solution for a nation encumbered by recurring military coups. more

women launch Zimbabwe People's Charter

Starting from separate locations, more than 800 members of Women Of Zimbabwe Arise and Men Of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA/MOZA) recently marched to Parliament in Harare to launch a People's Charter. more

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